My Family

Raisaheb Rajendra Lal Banerjee

 A brief glance back…

My story starts from my grandfather Raisaheb Rajendra Lal Banerjee. My granny was Mokshada Sundari Devi.

I tried to create an epic project ‘Family-Wiki’ and that had been sitting on the net for about four years. But, the project in the wiki format had to be terminated because of heavy spam-attack. So, I decided to shift the project in blog format. I have copied a few files from the ‘Family Wiki’ and created a few blogs under ‘Banerjees’ category. The following was the opening note that stayed with us from 02 November 2008 to 14 August 2012.

“Sanjoyda says, ‘Family Wiki project is an humble effort to document the Banerjees’.. my predecessors and relatives. It is visualized that the members and the related members of Banerjees’ will put in data-contributions to this wiki to make it more and more robust with the passing of days. I wanted to make it keeping R.L. Banerjee at the start point..’.

Sanjoy thought that starting the exploration through the WIKI is a good idea. So, this facility was created on the 02 November 2008 with the assistance of Sanjoy’s student Mr. Gary Pro.

I welcome everyone to start typing.. add pictures .. make the Family Wiki more and more interesting. Reach the first page by clicking here.”

Although the family-wiki is no more operating but now we have the blogs. You are welcome to comment on the blogs.  This group of blogs has been categorized under Banerjees’. I shall be very glad if anyone likes to contribute write-ups in this humble venture.

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