P.P. Banerjee Book Collection

This is an effort to make available some of the digitized books from ‘P.P. Banerjee Book Collection’.

It was around 1961.  Peejush Prasanna Banerjee [1920-2008], widely known as P.P. Banerjee among his colleagues, became much more interested in understanding the spirituality and spiritual experiences. Though I don’t claim it to be true, this is based on my personal impressions. If I remember correctly, his frequency of visiting College Street area significantly increased around 1974-75. He could successfully identify some bookstores those used to keep books on religion and spirituality in the display. I used to see a newspaper folded book-packet on the first day of the month. I could sense that his College Street visit became almost a routine on every salary-day. As a result, a pile of books got gradually grew to a significant number. Now, this has become a prize collection from a number of perspectives. Also, after all these years there has been a significant decrease in interest in this area of studies. I assume many of these books have gone out of print.

Book digitization is understood today as a highly efficient method for preservation, archiving and distribution. So, I decided to digitize the books and upload them. I thought this is a good way to get these books getting used. We shall make available some non-copyright books. In addition to this, a detailed book catalog will be available.

Indranil Bhowmik did all the digitization work. It was done in our roof-top room. We used a simple book stand.  My wife found the book-stand at  Shree Chamundeshwary Temple premises at the Chamunda Hill around 13 km away from Mysore. We used a table lamp with 40-watt bulb, a piece of glass, a Canon SX 510 HS  camera and a few software. My wife Rakhi offered the camera for this project.

I hope this will someday prove to be a wise exercise.

Sanjoy Bandopadhyay

Kolkata, January 13, 2018

The P.P. Banerjee Book Collection

001. Yogavashishta Ramayanam by Maharishi Valmiki edited by Kalibar Devsharmana

002. Shreekrishna Prasanga by Mahamahopadhyay Dr. Gopinath Kaviraj


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