Organising a Sitar Concert

  • The success of organizing a concert will depend on the success in generating good funding.
  • Generation of funding is possible when a concert is promised to be a good concert.
  • The goodness-promise is required to get established through effective communication between the musicians, the organizer, the sponsors and the music lovers [ticket buyers].
  • Effective communication is possible through intensive and extensive promotion.
  • Promotion requires to be strongly backed with uniquely good musical promises.

Rough Budget

1. Band payment [sitar + tabla] $5000
2. Food and lodging [Two days, two persons] $1500
3. Auditorium + additional [mic, light, stage decoration] $2000
4. Promotion + Publicity $3000
5. Artists’ Travels  [will be as per actuals] $3000
6. Management fees $1500
  Total $16000

Note: Promotion and Publicity should receive more fund allocation for good successes. It should be 50% to 70% of the total budget.

Work Plan

Fund generation

Goal: To generate good profit margin after completing the expenses.

 Funding sources: Corporate funding, Tickets, and Service Sponsors. In some cases, donations.

When a concert is arranged in a 700 capacity auditorium and the average ticket price is $12, then the fund generation goal may be:

1. Ticket sales $8400
2. Sponsorship grant $15,000
3. Service sponsor $2000
  Total $25,400 
  • Create a presentation to get funding supports from corporates and from service sponsors.
  1. The offer is the good music. Write a few lines of why this music is good. Introduce the musician and the music.
  2. The offer is community support. Write why this music is important and necessary for the goodwill of the community.
  3. What promotional mileage the company/sponsors will receive.
    • Mention in Billboard promotion
    • Mention in Press announcements
  4. Internet
  5. During concert on LCD and through announcements.
  6. Offer free seats.
  7. Offer a dinner with the musicians for the high funding sponsors.

 Publicity and Promotion


  • Billboards – say, 10 around the city.
  • TV and Radio [general promotion, discussions on the concert plans, music clips 29 secs.]
  1. Newspaper articles on concert, about the music. Start this before 3 months. Use photographs. Use the musician to be invited, write about them, and why their music is interesting.
  2. Create a listeners’ database.
    1. For ticketed concerts
      1. Call them. One month before the concert. SMS the ticket availability.
  • Invite a popular personality to introduce the concert.
  1. Invite Radio, TV and Newspapers to come to the concert and make report.
  2. Try to put the concert in local news.


  • Very attractive stage design with platform for the musician.
  • LCD screen on one or both sides of the stage. This is for Sponsors’ promotion and direct video transmission of the concert.
  1. Good lights.
  2. Good amplification [I shall give you the tech rider]
  3. Good anchoring persons, some popular personality.
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