Getting Performance Bookings

Professor Sanjoy Bandopadhyay writes:

Since my young days, I had a gut feeling that I can play winning concerts. Many of my concerts were highly successful but I never got enough concert bookings. I asked many people about this, especially the established seniors whom I thought to be intelligent. But, I did not receive many satisfactory answers.  I once asked this question to a dear friend to whom in my heart is like a younger brother, Tanmoy Bose, a top-notch Tabla player back during mid-1980’s. He replied, “we also often discuss this among our friends”. Tanmoy thought that I made the organizers uncomfortable with my terms, conditions, and behavior. I once asked a senior musician Pandit Bimal Mukherjee, who was also an IAS. He replied, ‘অভাগা যেদিকে চায় সাগর সুখায়ে যায়।’ [when an unlucky looks at the sea, it gets dried.]. I asked a question somewhat in this line to my senior gurubhai Pt. Buddhadev Dasgupta. His gave an answer that appeared good to me. He said that if your actions are compatible then you will advance forward, otherwise you will crash. [যেমন দরকার সেরকম করে এগোতে পারলে এগুবি , নাহলে মুখ থুবড়ে পড়বি।”].

Then I started thinking on this. I discovered that my behavior pattern is far away from compatible to the demands for success. I tried to edit that, tried to become more submissive. Then, I discovered that no texts tried to establish any relation between the ability to perform well with fame or money. Then I could understand that playing and performing well, or becoming famous and financially rich are two different areas of work. A good performance is the Product and being famous or earning quite substantially is Marketing. I created a brief presentation and here it goes. Please click and download to see this PDF file Music & Marketing.

Also here is a module. But, I must say that the presentation file in PDF above is much better detailed. I shall work more on the module below and make it better. I shall publish the updated module or module sets, as those get ready.


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