Toying with Video

I like gadgets. I started fiddling with a camera when I was 11 year old. That was kind of a box camera. I remember, it took 620 film rolls [120 was common film-spooling]. Then I got a my Yashica 635 when I was in schools. I always fumbled with the film exposures, but somehow managed to take some moderately good shots. When I became grown up, I could lay my hands on different brands of digital cameras. In 2006 I purchased my first video camera, a Panasonic. My first video shooting effort and editing was a brief documentary on ‘Durga Puja’. I fumbled with Adobe Premiere Pro for a few days and sat to edit… Here it goes…

In 2014 I bought an iPad mini for my wife. I started toying with this small thing and discovered that it has immense potential. I took a few video shots and put them to iMovie. I was awestruck! Here is one small movie, 2 mins and 29 secs..  I shoot this in iPad, edited in iPad using iMovie… The shots were unplanned, I just wanted to try the power of this small machine…

Here is another video, a kind of very rough documentation of what happened at our home on 24 Feb, 2015. I named it, “Do It Now!”. Here also I used the mini iPad for shooting. This is a family video, and please do not try to find any interesting movie features here.



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